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What should you do if a companion's heart stops? 

if you're with a friend, and his heart stops, what would you do? Surprisingly, 80% don't perform first aid, although many dial 911. Yet if onlookers don't intervene, survival rates from cardiac arrest drop 7-10% each minute after a victim's heart halts. If paramedics take more than five minutes to arrive, the odds are suddenly against the patient, with the clocking ticking. First responders like police, firemen, paramedics and lifeguards are trained to give CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, a combination of chest compression and rescue breathing. Yet many others are squeamish about breathing into a dying person's mouth. According to a Japanese study, chest compression alone can significantly increase viability after cardiac arrest. In fact survival rates for those who received compression alone were 19% compared to 11% for those who got traditional CPR.

The key to CPR is getting oxygen to the brain and other vital organs. Since the victim's blood is already oxygenated, simply by circulating it, you increase a patient's survival chances. To perform effective compression, lay the victim flat and kneel next to her. Place the heel of your hand in the center of the victim's chest. Put your other hand on top of the first. Interlace your fingers. Using your body weight, lean forward, compressing the chest between 1 1/2 -2 inches. Let the chest recover, then begin again. Repeat at the rate of 100 compressions a minute. If you tire have somebody spell you, but don't stop until first responders arrive.

A CPR class is invaluable for learning how to straighten airways and time the rescue breathing, but don't hesitate. If you can help a victim with chest compression alone do so. It can make the difference between life and death.

Producers of "Reverse Aging Now" Appear on LA Cityview 35's "Aging in LA"

Paul Suchecki and Carolisa Pomerantz, the producer and associate producer of the Telly Award Winning anti-aging documentary, "Reverse Aging Now" appeared on LA Cityview Channel 35's "Aging in LA" hosted by Paul Petersen. They discuss anti aging techniques that anybody can use, and how they applied them successfully to their own lives. If you subscribe to cable TV within the city of Los Angeles, you can catch this episode of "Aging in LA" Thursday December 3, 2009 on Channel 35 at 8:30 PM. For a preview of the anti aging DVD "Reverse Aging Now" click here.

Red Yeast Rice Lowers Cholesterol

Red yeast rice is a component of traditional Chinese medicine used to promote blood circulation and good digestion. A 2008 study showed that it can lower cholesterol and cut the risk of a second heart attack by half. The compound acts like the statin Lipitor. If you decide to try this as a more natural alternative, discuss the matter with your physician, then get your blood tested for cholesterol, triglycerides and liver enzymes. In some rare cases red yeast rice has caused liver damage.

This Month's Health Recipe:

As the brisk days of Autumn descend on the northern hemisphere, it takes a hearty, healthy breakfast to lure people from their cozy beds. This month, Reverse Aging News features a tasty, easy to prepare daybreak recipe that is largely unknown in the United States, buckwheat, low in fat, high in protein. Prepare it once and it will become a family favorite.


Beware of Cleansing Claims

We live in a polluted world, but the body naturally cleanses itself through exhaling, sweating, urinating and defecating. Many alternative practitioners are raking in big bucks claiming to rid the body of toxins with their procedures. Chelation therapy, one of the most popular options, should only be done with your physician's approval in cases of demonstrated heavy metal poisoning. Colon cleansing procedures can actually kill vital intestinal bacteria.

The best way to keep your system clean is to minimize the poisons going into it by not smoking, drinking sensibly, breathing deeply during demanding exercise, and eating a diet laden in antii-oxidant rich fruits and vegetables. Choose whole grains so that the fiber helps push waste through your colon. These methods are easy, accessible and proven. Ask to see the science behind any outlandish claims made for cleansing therapies before spending money on them.

Cherry Juice Relieves Muscle Aches

If you're engaging in strenuous activity, cherry juice may provide better refreshment than a sports drink. In a recent study at Oregon Health and Science University, participants between 18 and 50 years old consumed either tart cherry juice or an artificial fruit drink on the day of a race. Those who drank the juice showed a 23% decrease in pain at the end of the event compared to those who drank the artificial drink. Researches speculated that that the juice produces an anti-inflamatory effect. Additional tests on women with fibromyalgia showed that after two weeks of drinking cherry juice they experienced less pain and had more muscle strength. Cherry juice has already been shown to lower the levels of uric acid in the blood, a major cause of the painful joint disease gout.

Vitamin D Deficiency

Now that people are wearing more sunscreen and protective clothing to combat the increase in skin cancer, they are putting themselves at risk for vitamin D deficiency. According to John S. Adams, MD of UCLA's Orthopedic Hospital Research Center, "Obesity, high blood pressure, insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease affect a huge portion of the US population and vitamin D deficiency is associated with all of these conditions." Vitamin D is generated by sun exposure. It's food sources are fortified milk and fatty fish like salmon, tuna, and mackerel. According to Walter Willet, MD of Harvard Medical School who appeared in the anti aging DVD "Reverse Aging Now" "It looks as if 2/3 of Americans aren't getting enough Vitamin D." Many doctors are now urging that the recommended daily allowance of vitamin D for adults between 50 and 70 be doubled from 400 International Units a day, to 800 IUs.

Hormone Replacement Linked to Lung Cancer

Hormone replacement therapy, HRT, in post menopausal women has already been associated with increased risk of breast cancer, heart disease and stroke. In findings recently distilled from the long going Women's Health Initiative, those on HRT showed a 23% increase in lung cancer compared to this who took a placebo. The difference was more pronounced looking at lung cancer deaths, a 71% increase. According to an editorial in Lancet accompanying the study, by Apar Kishor Ganti, MD of the University of Nebraska Medical Center said the conclusion"seriously questions whether hormone replacement therapy has any role in medicine today"

Fish Oil is Great for Heart Health

From Japan to the arctic, people who eat a lot of fish have less heart disease. If you can't load up on fish every night, or don't like to eat our finned friends, there is another option, eating fish oil capsules. In the anti-aging documentary, “Reverse Aging Now," cardiologist Dean Orhish, MD points out that eating 3 grams a day of fish oil will provide all the heart protection you need. Fish is loaded with two omega 3 fatty acids, docosahexaenoic acid, DHA, and eicosapentaenoic acid, DPA . These compounds have been shown to prevent blood clots, lower blood pressure and prevent fatal heart arrhythmias. Fish oil is also a rich source of much needed vitamin D.

To see how one middle-aged man is applying anti-aging precepts to his own life, go to To embrace anti-aging you need to make a mental as well as physical journey. It's not always easy, but well worth the effort. Remember to watch our anti-aging documentary, “Reverse Aging Now.

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